Digital File Guidelines
Color Management

Color output devices operate in CMYK mode. In order to avoid additional charges, please
make sure that all the colors in your file are converted. This includes any PANTONE or other
color matching systems. If design shows large areas of black, please use this CMYK formula
(C-100 M-100 Y-100 K-100) to ensure a solid black. Due to the nature of outdoor printing
advisable that you include a color hard copy proof to us when you submit your job.

Printed Proofs

Any print proofs that you request prior to the completion of your order will be produced and
sent to you for an additional service charge. It is your responsibility to sign the proof
confirming your approval and return the copy to us before we can proceed with your job. If
you have any production work or color corrections that need to be made, please clearly mark
them on the proof or on a separate instruction sheet and include them when you return the
proof. It is also advisable that you include a color hard copy proof to us when you submit
your job.

Output Resolution and Scanning

To provide the best quality output, always try to obtain high quality scans or images at the
appropriate resolution for the size that you plan to use them. When working with a
photorealistic or Photoshop file supply a flattened .tif file (I recommend LZW compression) at
75dpi at 100% or 150dpi at 50% or 750dpi at 10%.

We will always end up turning your art into a .tif or an .eps to print it. So when working with
vector artwork supply an .eps or an .ai file. We print all banners, signs and wraps at 75 dpi.
We print all indoor, fine art, and canvas prints at 150dpi.

Creating Print Ready Files

Files are considered Print Ready when they meet the following criteria:
1. Artwork is done in an appropriate application for printing. Please call for information before
creating your file.
2. Hard copy. Please include hard copy of each view of the vehicle.
3. Correctly sized images, with appropriate amount of bleed. Please create your images at
proportional size.

Please contact Graphic Solutions with any questions. 602-315-4969
Graphic Solutions  602-315-4969